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Sunday, May 23, 2010

As Seen on TV: P90X

Because I have gotten REALLY out of shape, and because Ryan wants to shape up, we ordered P90X. If you watch the infomercial at all, you just sit there (with a bowl of ice cream...) and think, "Wow! I can't believe the difference!"

So we bought it.

But, we bought it for for three specific reasons. One, that informercial. Two, Uncle Randy has been doing it, and he looks great. And three, we have the P90 that we bought seven years ago, and that worked really well, so we trusted the company (Beachbody).

We have spent the week sore, tired, and wincing everytime we move. The first workout of pull-ups and push-ups got Ryan. It didn't hurt me because I'm so lucky as to not be able to do a pull-up, so mine were all assisted, and I also have a lovely case of tendonitis in one wrist, which I found out meant that I could only do a few push-ups. (Tendonitis getting better after a course of Advil and an ugly wrist brace. Another week and it should be gone! I hope.) After the pull-ups and push-ups came the "Ab Ripper X" and I'll just tell ya strait up that I spent more time laughing at myself than doing any of the exercises. The next time I was supposed to do it, I turned on the DVD, laid on my mat, and then just busted a gut laughing because I felt like I was going to bust my gut for reals. I skipped that one becuase I was too sore. My favorite workouts of the week have been the plyometrics and the Kenpo X. I think yoga would have been there, too, but I skipped it because of my blasted wrist. I hope to get it this week though.

I took before pictures.

I'm NOT sharing those with any one.

Week one down, twelve more to go!

I wonder if I ate healthier it would help? (Okay, I know it would. But I like my carbs.)

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