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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Baptism Story

This is me. I had just turned eight, and my aunt CarolAnn had made this dress for me. See how tan I was? I'm jealous of myself! Anyway, this dress was the dress I wore after I was baptized.

Here's the story.

Once upon a time, I turned eight years old, and was going to be baptized! Woot! Good times. Our church baptizes people by immersion, which means we dunk 'em all the way under the water. We also wear white, a symbol of purity and cleanliness. During the baptism, if any part of you comes up, you have to do it again. Seems like everyone has a story about watching someone in their family get baptized three or four times because a ponytail floated up, part of a dress, or a toe. That would be my sister, Kendra. I think she had to do it three times.


I wore purple underwear.


My mom told me to wear white underwear with my dress. I thought she meant my special white dress, the one pictured above. The one I changed into after I got dried off. I only had one pair of white undies, so I saved them to change into with "the dress." After I came up out of the water all smiley and warm, I went straight to the changing room where my mom was there to meet me. The first thing she said was, "I thought I told you to wear white underwear!!!" It only took me a second to realize that the only reason she knew I had purple undies on was because when my jumper got wet, it got slightly transparent. No big deal for white undies (beige or yellow or even pale pink...) but purple ones didn't stand a chance.

Moms: physically check your soon to be baptized child choice of undies. It's just better that way.

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