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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kacy!

Dear Kacy,

Where to begin? You are almost done with first grade, and I can't believe it. You want to be a teacher when you grow up, just like I was, and at the rate you are going you will have no problems with that goal at all. You are a great student, and as always, I am so grateful you are my first child. You were able to ease me into motherhood with no great shocks or excitement. You have been a stable influence in our family, which is why I am going to squish the drama right out of you! You recently have started doing this throwing of your hands in the air, being all exasperated and raising your voice saying "OH MY GOSH! WHAT...?!?" with some long ol' tirade going on. I pointed out that this would be drama, and that we don't do drama in our house, and you said, "Oh. Okay." Now, all I say is, "Kacy. Drama." and you quit right away. Your teachers want to adopt you. You are reliable, smart, kind to others, and a leader. You tend to care too much what other people think, which makes me a little nervous for your teen years. You love to write, and last week you wrote two songs. Dad and I were very impressed. I hope you keep up your artistic/expressive side. This expressive side means your room is a mess- you can't keep track of your personal belongings. You are always thinking and asking questions. Your whole entire family loves you! (Especially me and dad!)

Love, Mom

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