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Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Hydroponics Shop

Besides Walmart, Office Max, Winco, my grandma's house, and unloading firewood (AFTER backing up Ryan's truck and our horse trailer without incident!), I had the pleasure of going into a hydroponics shop. We needed 100 more nursery pots because we ordered 100 more poplar cuttings. What better place to get pots, than the pot shop? Now, they technically have nothing to do with pot, but let me state for the record that there were some VERY stereotypical looking people there. One group: hippy-like. Another group: gang-like. Then, there was me, Ed, and Jessie. I was wearing a BYU-Hawaii shirt, buying 100 pots, with authority! The gang looking folks were a little scary. The hippy looking folks were great and very helpful. I had the sensation that we were a novelty... they had as much fun people watching part of our fam as I had people watching them. They had a magazine rack there, and they didn't sell a single copy of "Better Homes and Gardens", or "Western Gardener". They did sell a magazine called "Rosebud" though, and based on the cover, it had nothing to do with roses.

Seriously though, that shop will be a great resource when we start our fodder shed. That will be after we actually get animals, though. And THAT will be after the blasted house is finished. First things first, one step at a time. (Fodder: I will probably write about that in the livestock section soon.)

PS- talked on the ham radio with Jocelyn (I got on and said I was "mobile," which took me forever to decide to do because all of a sudden I was nervous about it). She called me, and I was so excited someone called me! But then, as soon as I answered back, I got all weird in the brain because I realized that people were listening. It made me feel so... nervous, strange, and nerdy. I didn't say anything right. And then I thought about the old guys listening thinking I was a freak, and that made it worse. I felt awkward for a few hours, until I heard a 15 minute conversation about an 80GB hard drive and some technical problems with it. I suppose ham radio will have it's different aims, and if Jocelyn and I talk about a soon to be 7 year old's birthday party, so be it. Still... I wonder if next time we should say something technical? ;)

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