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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Kid Stuff

Newest kid news first:

Will received an award from his teacher during the monthly Kindergarten-first grade assembly. He got the "Most Outstanding Reading" award. I was shocked. I was thinking he'd get an improvement in behavior award for not getting his card pulled for at least two weeks... I was thrilled. She gave an example of his reading skills, and she said she put up their newest theme poster and asked if anyone could read it, and Will was able to read it in his head first (most kids this age read aloud, and she said most of the kids were sounding it out), and then read "A World of Animals." Go Will!

A couple of days ago, Kacy came up to me and asked, "Mom, can an orca eat a shark?"

"I don't know Kacy. Like an orca whale? A killer whale? Are they the same thing? I don't know. We'd have to look it up."

With her hand on her hip, she replied,"Um, Mom. Didn't you go to college?"


"Well, why don't you know the answer?"

"Because I studied children, not whales." She was so disappointed in me. She just shook her head and left saying she'll ask her friend Rayn at school.

Ed is still his regular old self. He's so "regular" that he has to go every Sunday at the same time. I make sure all the kids use the bathroom before we walk into the chapel, and without fail during the first speaker, Ed needs to "go" again. He also goes around singing Sharpay's song "I Want it All" from High School Musical 3.

The other day Jessie saw some dirt on the floor, got the broom, and swept it up. Of course I was estatic and made a big deal about it.

Different note: another fire today, this time near the kids' school. It's bigger... and our county fire crews rock! I'm going to try not to worry ahead of time for the summer, but we've had a lot of rain which means a lot of grasses and flowers. Everything is still green, too! Hopefully this will be it for the season.

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