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Friday, May 21, 2010

My Kids are Becoming Good Workers! Most of the Time.

On May 8th, our ward had a service project cleaning up a local park. We hauled off lots and lots of tree trimmings. Our area is a big fireplace/woodstove for heat area (hello, mountain life!), and we store firewood any chance we get. Needless to say, the biggest pieces were saved and loaded into our horse trailer. (Our horse trailer is used right now for holding our trash, until we take it to the dump.) The trailer was stuffed to the top and all the way to the gate. While at the park, Will worked the hardest of all the kids. He really surprised me! He's not a "natural" worker, like most kids. But he goes the extra mile to look busy. He seems like he's working, but if you really look, he's doing nothing at all. But that day, he was awesome! And then, when it was time to unload, he stepped up again and did the most work. The kids' job was to put the small and medium sized pieces into piles, while I was in charge of the largest ones.

Kacy was wearing flip flops and her backpack... and she needed a few drinks and bathroom breaks.

Ed and Jessie alternated between getting in the way, climbing on the horse trailer, and poking stinkbugs with sticks.

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