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Monday, May 31, 2010

Our Red Racer Doing His Job. Her Job?

So. This afternoon I went outside to get my ice chest. You see, an RV fridge doesn't defrost itself, and ours is past due. As I am getting the ice chest out of my car, I hear a "squeak, squeak" noise. Except, it sounds more like "Eeeeeek! Eeeeeek!" I know it's a mouse/rat/chipmunk dying. And the noise is coming from the bed of Ryan's truck.

Interesting. Why is a mouse/rat/chipmunk in the back of Ryan's truck? What is causing it's demise? While walking over to the truck, I see it. On the ground. It's our Red Racer, and the noise is coming from it.

There it is! I would guess "he" or "she", but I really don't want to be that good of friends with it. It's head is in the wheel.

Here it is eating the noise- DIE LITTLE MOUSIE! DIE!

Okay, that felt good. Because last night I awoke to a pitter patter on my leg. Now, I may have been dreaming, but it was so real, I KNOW A MOUSE CLIMBED ON MY BED LAST NIGHT. And for sure, for reals, a mouse was in my oven making all kinds of racket. I tried to find it, but they are so fast and stealthy, and honestly, I can't see straight at 3am. Below is a closer shot, where you can see the mouse in his mouth.

My lens only went to 135mm, and I didn't feel like getting too close. I was thinking of the snake and indigestion. I was not thinking of myself at all, of course. I'm still curious as to why the mouse and snake were where they were. Tires? Wheels? Was the mouse living near Ryan's truck? It was four o'clock in the afternoon. Oh well! One less mouse in my life!

I went in the house to help Jessie, who needed a freezer pop. When I went back outside to check on the snake, I could not see it. And then I'll admit that I got the chills and scanned the area thouroughly. Then, I saw its head peeking out. It was in the leaf springs. And this reminds me of my friend Dany's husband (JIM!) who reportedly won't run over snakes in the road for a mild fear that the snake will flip up into the wheel well and just be there. I always thought that was kinda funny.... until today.

And, I'll let you know that:

1) I am afraid of opening my car door and seeing a snake RIGHT THERE where my foot should go. Or worse, stepping on one.

2) I hate mice in a lethal hunter of rodents kind of way, have yet to find a good trap, and have been known to use my kitchen tongs (a set dedicated for the purpose) to corner, remove, and then fling the nasty beasts into the bushes.

3) I wish snakes wore bells or whistled or something, so they can't be so sneaky.

4) This Red Racer wanted nothing to do with me, and acted quite relieved when I left. EXCELLENT! As long as we both know our places...


5) Although not officially scared of this encounter (I believe I'm being desensitized), if I were to take up wild life photography for reals I'd need a bit longer lens. 800mm?

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