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Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Plight for Socks

Please note the conspicuous lack of socks in the photo below. One dad size sock, one black kid sock, and one white kid sock. The dad size and black sock don't bother me a bit as their mates are waiting for them.

The part that bugs is the lone white kid size sock. I noticed that as the week went on, there were fewer and fewer socks on the line. This morning, Kacy and Will each wore one clean sock, and one sock found from the ground, previously worn of course. (That way is was totally fair, and no one had to wear the dirty pair...) When I noticed that there would only be one clean sock for six feet tomorrow (Jessie has her own socks), I gathered the kids together and did the only thing I could think of, short of looking for the nasty socks myself.

I bribed them with candy.

"Hey, whoever finds the most socks gets a piece of candy!"

It totally worked, of course.

They found 19 socks.

Kacy won.

But, because I'm a self-preserver and often speak before I think (IE: "Ed, if you can't eat at the table the right way, you can go outside and eat with the dog!" Ed: "Okay! I love George!"), I gave each kid one piece of candy, and Kacy got two.

I'll be buying more socks soon. And maybe some stock in Hanes.

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