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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Summer To-do List

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and with it, my thoughts for summer. I have been wondering what to do this summer, with only two field trips planned for sure. I want to work with my kids a little on academics so they don't get behind, but it's SUMMER VACATION, so I don't want it to be a drag on any of us.

With that in mind, I came across a post by Angry Chicken, who homeschools her kids. She uses the "Magic Tree House" books to launch informal research and projects. I looked at the titles, and the series seems to be perfect in the variety of topics that will interest all of my kids. (Kacy and Will are a grade apart in school, but miles apart in tastes.) I think we'll be heading to the library as soon as school is out, we'll try a book a week.

Kids individual goals:

Kacy: swim lessons, beginning Latin, read two American Girl books by herself, Magic Treehouse series.

Will: Swim lessons, use of "Bob" books for fluency practice, lots of drawing and writing for fine motor skills improvement, MTH books.

Ed: swim lessons (maybe... I may try to work with him myself at my mom's pool), MTH books and projects, safety rules of parking lots (ongoing...), lots of drawing to improve fine motor skills. Maybe he'll learn to write his name. If only he would sit still long enough.

Jessie: Recognizing ABC's, numbers, and colors. She's almost got her colors down. So weird- this girl knows all individual sports (baseball! basketball! soccer ball! football! and we aren't a very sporty family) but can't/won't remember all her colors. She'll get there, I just think it's funny.

Group trips: train ride, day trip to beach, day trip up the mountain.

Lots of playing in the water and eating of Otter-Pops.

Me: Carry-out said plans, while trying to fit in exercise. Also, help Ryan work on house as much as possible so it can get finished. Not much I can do right now, but finish work should be starting about July, so things will get busier for me. Thrilled, I tell ya.

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