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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Amtrak Train Trip for Ice Cream to Hanford, CA

Yesterday Kissy T. and I took the kids to Hanford, CA via the Amtrak train. It was a blast! The kids were great, and they had fun.

The Bakersfield station has this VERY cool fountain. The marble world sits on top of water and justs kind of floats there. You can stop it, get it going another direction...

We had to take the group picture of the kids. Kent was backwards. "Hey, Kent! Turn around!"

Jessie heard it, and in true two year old fashion, turned around.

As good as it gets. Then, it was "All Aboard" and off to Hanford. The trip up was about an hour and a half. It went by really quickly. We brought snacks and a few things to do, but mostly the kids hung out and played with the curtains.

We arrived! We found the old Courthouse and had a picnic lunch. Bathrooms in the library across the street were a lifesaver. After lunch, it was off to Superior Dairy, where we got...

a huge banana split that the kids all shared. They didn't finish it. It was $5.75, a bargain for 6 kids. Krissy and I shared a "Cookies" milkshake.

***To find the grassy area and Superior Dairy (across the street from each other, with the library right there, too), get off the train. Go through the station and you'll see a Grocery Outlet, and you'll be on Sante Fe Ave. Turn right, and walk a short distance to the corner of Sante Fe and W. 7th St. Turn left, away from the tracks, and go down W 7th until you get to N. Douty. Turn left, and about 2 block down is the grass, and Superior Dairy. The ice cream was the soft melty kind, made right there I believe. It was very good.

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