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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Busy 24 Hours

I'm going to recap the last 24 hours, because I'm exhausted and don't want to forget what the "everyday" is like. Luckily, this isn't quite a typical day.

*Yesterday, 1:30pm- Go to Will's classroom to watch him in "The Great Kapok Tree" play. He was the first anteater. His line was, "Senhor, you are chopping down this tree with no thought for the future." In true Will-speak, it sounded like, "Seen-yor, you are chopping down this tree with no fought for the future."

*4pm- Head on out to a certain desert city for a Walmart run. We needed some summer supplies, and food. We arrive at the Walmart, and a sleeping Jessie had peed in her seat again. We go to the kid section first and get a pack of undies and some clothes. (That what I get for cleaning out the the car right before we left...I took out my emergency clothes. Oops.) But her a tee-shirt and shorts, which Kacy informs me makes her look like a boy. She has no hair clip in, and does indeed look like a boy. Oh well. Continue shopping with four kids. Let kids spend 5 whole minutes in the "Toy Story 3" isle. Is it me, or is Walmart and Disney pimping the heck out of that movie? A new generation of toy mongers, I guess.

*6:45- Go to Jack in the Box to feed starving children. Eat inside since they were "good" in Walmart. At the end of our meal, Ed goes under the table. I hear, "What's this?" and say "Don't eat anything off of the floor, Ed." Ed comes up from under the table chewing on something.

*8:40pm- Get back home and put everyone to bed.

*3am- Help Jessie go potty.

*4am- Hear rat trap go off in bathroom and leap out of bed with a joy filled heart. Fling the twitching woodrat and trap outside.

*5am- Hear Ryan leave the house to go to the mountains for the day.

*6am- Ed wakes up and pukes.

*7am- Ed pukes again.

*7:15am- I call friend Dany and beg and plead for her to please please please watch Ed for me so I can go to Will's Kindergarten graduation. She says, "Of course. Bring Jessie over, too." I owe her BIG TIME.

*8am- arrive at Dany's house after first hitting the gas station for a soda and bland crackers for Ed. I LOVE living where I live. I do. But the gas station is 15 miles away. I'm almost always late.

*8:15- Will graduates!

*9:30- Will is in his classroom for his graduation reception, and I'm in the cafeteria for Kacy's awards assembly. She got "Student of the Year." Will's teacher brings him in to join me after his cake reception. (I missed it! I don't know how single moms do it. Honestly. Well, I do a little... and it's HARD.)

10:05- Pick Ed and Jessie up from Dany's. No puking! Drive home. Pull onto property. Ed says, "Mom, I think I'm going to puke." Proceeds to spew forth 22 ounces of Sierra Mist and a saltine or two. This is the highlight of my day, besides catching a rat. Seriously, the look on Kacy and Will's faces almost make me pee my pants. Jessie said, "Eww. Mom. Ed puked my seat." It was everywhere! Gushing out of his mouth and nose. I felt so bad for Ed. But really, the other three more than made up for it. No one wants to be anywhere near Ed. They tell him to go sit "over there." It was HILARIOUS to watch them turn green... ah, now that's what motherhood is all about. Laughing at your children at inappropriate times.

Ed is currently in bed, and I'm heading that way since I had such an eventful night. I keep telling him, "See? This is what happens when you eat food off the floor." But I keep substituting "floor" with "road" and "ground" and "parking lot" to cover all my bases. Poor baby looks like a train wreck. I hope he feels better soon.

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