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Monday, June 14, 2010

Driving Behind our Horse Trailer

If you happen to be driving behind our horse trailer, it would look like this:

From the top: "Trails West Preston Idaho" The manufacturer. They probably put this sticker on there.

The middle: "Honk if You Honkytonk, George Strait for President" Ryan's birthday present. My friend Krissy makes vinyl stickers... and Ryan once mentioned he'd love to have a bumpersticker that said this... so this is what he got. George Strait sings a song called "Honk if You Honkytonk." My kids love it and Jessie insists I honk. And I do. But only if there are no other cars around.

Bottom sticker: "Have you ever been range bred by a Nevada Buckaroo?" The former owner (cowboy, not a show horse lady) put this one on there. Self explanatory. Took me a minute of slight confusion while understanding that the sticker was not asking any livestock this question, as technically they can't read.

The back of the trailer is a blank canvas, awaiting more stickers. Can't wait to see what ends up on there next!

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