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Friday, June 11, 2010

Horse Sense

Image from "The Pioneer Woman"While driving home from Big Meadow the other day, we were talking about packing, mules, horses, etc. I threw out the question, "What are we going to name our horses?" (I think we've decided that our mules and jacks will be named after the nieces and nephews.)

Kacy: "I'm going to name mine Lightening. I want a bay. A fast one. And if it's not fast, I'm going to name it Thunder. But I really want a fast horse. Named Lightening. (Really, Miss Cautious? Interesting.) Hey Dad, what are you going to name your horse?"

Ryan: "My horse will name itself."

Will: "Steve."

Ed: "I'm gonna name mine Lightening McQueen." (Of course.) ***Edit*** As of July, he has changes his horse's name to Frostbite.

Jessie: "My horsh is Ee-aw."

Like the donkey sound. And that's how she said it. The whole truck busted up laughing, and then Jessie realized she was hilarious and proceeded to repeat that sentence for the next five minutes. If you ask her, she says it's "ee-aw,ee-aw,ee-aw, like dat."

I'm naming my horse Seven. Don't know why. Seriously have no clue. Just sounds good to me! Which is why I didn't name any of our children.

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