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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Fun

So far, our summer has been fairly busy. Some things we've done:

-dance party.

-day in Bakersfield where we grocery shopped, visited the grannys, and swam at my paren'ts house. Jessie wore a life jacket, and still had to be rescued twice. Sure a life jacket will help you float, but floating face down is no good I tell ya. The other three have arm floaties this year. They are SO TIMID in the water. It stresses them out. I have a swim theory, and it's probably wrong. I've always though a life jacket is a swimming liability. Reasoning: chances are, if the kid falls into a pool, they won't have a vest on, and should know how to help theselves. Not having one also helps them have a healthy respect for the water. And, because I never had one and I was just fine. Those are the first three reasons I have, but I'm beginning to think I might be wrong. Maybe they should have a vest until they get comfortable in the water and grow old enough to realize they no longer need one. I don't know... we always had a pool and it seems like we always knew how to swim. I shall ponder further, and hope that the swim lessons do their job!

-baptism for Trey B. The kids were pretty well behaved. They were sitting by themselved while I was in the back playing the piano. Our babysitting friend Emily and her family were right behind them, and Emily took Jessie out when Jessie decided she needed to play the piano, too.

-I see small improvments in Ed's behavior. Where we couldn't keep him in our pew at church FOREVER due to ultra quick crawling and escaping techniques that would impress the CIA, he can now sit on the edge of the pew (aisle side) and just...sit. Not leave. Not jump up and run far, far away. It's a small miracle that I'm grateful for. Oh- a huge one- he no longer jumps out of the car and runs into the middle of the parking lot. He now gets out of the car, walks around it like a normal person, and comes and stands next to me. (Or, if there is a planter near the front, he goes and looks for bugs.) Totally acceptable and such a relief for me.

-Plans for going to the mountains for a day trip tomorrow. So excited! Just for the day. Just a picnic. The kids are so excited to spend time with Ryan. He is so busy with everything that family time is at a premium. Plus, it's the mountains. I'm a little worried about them getting bored, because we kind of live in the mountains and spend a lot of time outside with the wilderness and hiking and what not, so it's not a novelty. Just new scenery. Maybe we'll take Kacy's bike.

-Planning on going to lots of library activities this summer. There is one today about reptiles. Should be interesting.

-Let's not forget the freezer pops we've consumed. Lots and lots, and we all love them. Me because they are a self contained, low mess treat. The kids love them because they are "fuity and frozen" (that's Ed).

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