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Monday, June 28, 2010

To Do: Blog Posts

I have been having so much fun this summer with the kids, the laundry, and general chores that I haven't been blogging as much as I usually do. And, just kidding about the laundry and chores thing. Yes, I have been doing those things, but they really aren't that fun.

The month of June has seen:

A fun primary activity day where we the kids played in the water. The water games were related to scripture stories, so for example, they used slingshots to shoot soaker balls at a poster of Goliath while they were David. There were six stories/activities all together. It was a little cool and a little windy at the park. I think the kids had fun.

Going to the library for the Reptile Rescue guy and seeing his snakes. My favorite memory was when he set a bucket on the floor and said something like, "Now, if this one gets loose, you all need to stay calm and still. I don't want him to get hurt." Then, he sets a snake on the ground. It's a sidewinder. Venomous, of course. The entire front row of children and adults lifted their feet off the ground. Everyone behind them (that includes me) stood up to keep a better eye on the snake. After he put the sidewinder away, he brought out a rattlesnake indiginous to our area. The snake man kept telling the audience to check a snakes tail. If it is pointy and slim, it is a safe snake. Later on in the month, I was talking to my sister on the phone and a four foot long gopher-type snake came along. Will gets right up close to it and says, "Hey mom! It's okay! It's got a pointy tail!" Someone was paying attention! *wipes away tear of happiness here...*

Saw a magician at the library. He was great! His name was Christopher Lopez. He performs in the Southern part of the valley and is hitting all the libraries this summer. Will was probably the best part of the show. He sat next to me and kept kind of chuckling and saying, "Wow! That is SO AWESOME! How did he do THAT!?!" Friend Amy came up that day to raft and met me there. She though it was pretty good, too. (And that Will was hilarious.) The set-up was very professional with a traveling stage and music. He was great with the kids and kept them engaged the entire time. It wasn't exclusively kiddish though. (But wait. I do watch cartoons a lot and read tons of books that rhyme. My standards may have changed.)

I have been busy reading. I LOVE reading.

I went on a super fun rafting trip last week. When I get a photo, I'll post about it. I will say that I was really, really nervous about it. I kept thinking "River Wild" with Merle Streep and Kevin Bacon. SCARY! But it was so much fun. I went home and started looking up more trips and it renewed my interest in kayaking. I think I'll stick to the lake for now, since I have very little kayaking experience. I love rowing though, and the water. When all the kids are in school I hope to be able to throw my kayak in the back of my truck and take off to the lake a few mornings a week. The rapids were fun. I trusted our guide completely, and I think that helped my nerves.

My birthday. Ta-da, I'm 33. Kacy told me I was "so old." I gave her that "what?!?" look and she says, "What? You are." I just laugh without mercy because I write these things down. On her 33rd birthday card I'm going to write, "Dear Kacy, You are now 33. You are SO OLD. SO. OLD. Love, Mom." and I'll buy her some Depends or something.

We redesigned the kitchen-dining room layout on the big house. Another post entirely, hopefully this week in the ranch section. Better now that after living in it!

I spoke in church on Father's Day with Nicole Kent and Kelly Kent. Kelly and I spoke together before, and I think I'll tell the bishopric that we are now a team and we will not speak unless we speak together. The primary kids sang the Daddy songs. We drove to B-town and saw the dads. We got them ties. I'm making it a tradition.

The cathedral ceiling is almost 100% insulated. Woot!

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