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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Will Graduates Kindergarten!

Will made it through his first year of school! He only had a handful of detentions and phone calls home! He can read! He can write! His motor skills have improved, as well as his speech. All in all, it was a great year for him.

Getting his diploma from the prinipal.

Will's class had a jar that they put M&M candies in, one for each day. When they got to the 100th day of school, they divided them up and ate them. Then, the class put 80 more in the jar and each student took turns eating one a day. Will ended up being the last kid, so he ate his at the graduation.

Good job, Will!

In other Kindergarten graduation related new, Ryan was up in the mountains. He left at 5am. Ed woke up at 6am and puked on the floor. He puked again at 7am. At 7:10 I called the closest friend who might be willing to watch a puking child for me- Dany. (Dany wants to be a nurse, so I always assume people like that don't get grossed out easily. AND she has four kids, so she's automatically a puking pro.) She very graciously offered to watch Ed, and Jessie, too! Luckily he didn't vomit at her house. He saved it for the ride home. Then he quit around noon, everyone took a nap, and Kacy started at 2:30pm. She was sick most of the night until she fell asleep. Then all puking was gone! I think it was something bad from the fast food we ate the night before, but who knows. I'm just grateful for a friend who watched a puking child and that the puking didn't last long.

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