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Monday, July 5, 2010

Kid Quotes

Whenever I publish my blog into book form and look back at years past, some of my favorite entries are the ones with the little details about my kids. I heard some fun (for me) quotes this weekend.

From Will to everyone in the car after the fireworks show:

"Wasn't the bowling alley awesome? That was my favorite part!"

Me:"We didn't go to the bowling alley."

Will: "Ya, you know, it went BOOM, BOOM, BOOM and was all bright!"

Me: "You mean the grand finale?"

Will: "Ya, that! The grand finale."

From Jessie, as she was palying and stood up only to hit her head on a board.

"Oh, snap." (Thank-you Chicken Little movie.)

From Kacy and Jessie as we pulled into the parking lot at church:

Jessie: "My daddy's here! Yea!"

Kacy: "I don't see his truck."

Jessie: "Yes he is. His truck right there."

Kacy: "No, that's not dad's truck. That truck is all clean and shiny. Dad's is really dirty."

Ryan had, in fact, taken his truck to the carwash this week. The first time in a long time.

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