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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kids Helping in the Kitchen: Cupcakes

Yesterday I went to my parent's house to swim and make cupcakes. Frozen cupcakes are good! I made three cake mixes, just following the directions on the back.

The kids love to help in the kitchen, but they are often detrimental to the project and just get in the way.

However, (this is my genius showing up, right now!) I made each cake mix in a gallon zippie bag.

  • There were NO dishes or mixer to clean.
  • The kids helped by massaging the bags until the mixes were mixed.
  • When it was time to pour the mix into the muffin pan, I snipped the corner and piped in the mix. No mess on the pan!

I'm sure this isn't new, but for me it is, and it's going to become a permanant feature in our home.

(PS- Can't wait to have my own kitchen!)

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