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Monday, July 19, 2010

Long Overdue House Update: Lots of Pictures, Very Few Details

Since my last house update, lots has happened. Here are several pictures. Not many details because I need to run some of the technical stuff by the man first, or else I'll get it all messed up. Here's what I do know:
 We've got all the electrical boxes in place. All they need now are the wires, which should be soon! (Right after the ducting is done.)

Ducting for the cooling system! About half finished...

The coolers. One of them anyway. There are four total.

Cathedral ceiling insulation in! Lots of itchy work here... rigid foam insulation cut to fit and wedged in the bays. Eight inches equals about an R value of 56. Right now there is also a layer of the same stuff going around the outside of the house.

New window placement. Big window on the left used to be on opposite wall. Since redesigning the layout of the kitchen/dining area, it got moved. There is also a plant shelf, but you can't really see it- it pretty much blends in with the wall.

Opposite wall of the above window picture. We've got an oven hood, and a closed in wall where the window was. Archway on the left is the pantry.

Plumbing manifolds are in and hooked up. Plumbing is done. I think. Pretty sure.

Lots of technical stuff, and nothing fun in my book. Fun will be the finish work, because that makes it looks like a house. This week is Girls' Camp, and after that it's finishing the ducting and the wiring. Then, insulation. Then.... wait for it.... wait for it.... DRYWALL!!!!!

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  1. I so feel your pain/joy. We intended to build our house ourselves with a few friends in 6 mo. Four years later we were moving in and the friends had long since found other things to do. It's a long process and 30 years later we are still always doing something, but it's been a wonderful home, not just a house. Good luck! Many wonderful memories to follow.