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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ed at Walmart: It involves a Crashed Shopping Cart

We went to get tires put on my Mazda 5... again. While that was getting done, we walked over to Walmart to pick up some Dora undies for Jessie. We got a shopping cart, and Jessie sat in the big part, with Ed waking next to me. Sort of. While looking at the undies, he took off, ran around an isle, and hid. I yelled his name, and when he came to me, I firmly put his hand on the shopping cart and told him not to let go. He didn't. In fact, he climbed on the side of it, and it fell over on top of him. Jessie, having had this happen to her at least three times before, held on and was fine. Ed was under the cart, laughing. I, on the other hand, was not laughing. I was furious. I picked him up, put him in the baby seat part of the cart, and told him since he was acting like a baby, he was going to be treated like a baby. Normal people don't run all around the store. They stay with their families.I told him he was being bad, and when he decided he wanted to be good, I would let him out. Maybe.
He just started bawling. And saying, "I just want to be a normal person, Mom. Please let me out. I'll be normal."
I kept him in there until we were finished. As we were walking back to the tire place, he noticed a dandelion. He plopped himself on his belly in the middle of the sidewalk and exclaimed with the utmost joy, "MOM! IT'S A DANDEE-LION!" Then he started blowing the little seeds all over.
Ed is a very enthusiastic child. Sometimes I feel like he gets a lot of blog posts dedicated to him, but then I think that the rest of kids are just so normal. They say cute things, do fun things, get into some trouble every now and then. But, Ed? Ed seems to do the same things, except he does them with gusto.
When it was time to head to the grocery store, I gave him a little pep talk about how to act in the store. I asked him what a good thing to do was. He said, "Not run around, and stay by your mom. And just be normal."
He was completely "normal," and PERFECTLY behaved. I had to write this down, because it was a miracle. I'm still in awe.

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