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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeling Good, Feeling Bad

Jessie's feeling good again!
We have been dealing with germs in our house for the last five days. Here's a brief re-cap:

Jessie had "intestinal distress," a fever, and puking on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. On Monday morning I had to cancel a fun day with friends and the river because she threw-up on me. She hadn't urinated for about 12 hours by then and couldn't keep anything down. So, away we went to the Urgent Care to get her looked over.
The Dr. at the Urgent Care said she had a viral infection. He checked her belly for sounds and poked and prodded. Then he suggested a suppository with anti-vomiting medicine in it. He asked me if I had ever given a suppository before and I quickly said "No!" He sent in nurse Lisa who showed me how by demonstrating on Jessie. Grateful the one worked, I didn't want to have to do that at home.

Anyone remember Rectal thermometers? SO GRATEFUL for technology and those cool ear ones, or even better, the forehead swipers! I remember vaguely my mom having to take my youngest sister's temperature with a rectal thermometer once. I must have been five. 

Anyway, an hour later she wanted some Cool Ranch Doritos with her Pedialyte. She's been uphill even since, and by last night she was great!

But last night, Will puked all over the backseat of the car.

And Ed has a fever.

And I have had a fever since Monday. Just very, very tired. And hot.

It better run it's course because school starts on MONDAY! I am not ready. I am not ready at all.

Despite the sick house I currently run, our big house is still being worked on, slowly but surely. Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of the custom cement threshold Ryan poured.

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