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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy Birthday, Will!

Ah, to be a six year old boy.

Dear Will,
Today you are six! In the first grade, and so far so good. Okay, so it's only been three whole days. But still. You are talking non-stop lately, and your favorite subject is "How things work." Anything... you get into the details of it and wonder and speculate about how if one thing was different, blah blah blah... Sorry buddy, but these conversations usually happen in the car while I'm driving on windy roads with three other kids in the car. You CAN NOT WAIT until you go camping with Dad. You can ride a bike! But you need one of your own because Kacy's is too small, and it's pink. Your favorite food is ice cream. (Always has been!) You still gag on vegetables, but love fruit. You lied to me yesterday about having no homework. Already, young man? Don't you worry though, if you teacher doesn't give you homework, I will. You are so STUBBORN! Very WILLful. I hope you use your powers for good! You are a whiz a math. Legos are your favorite toy.You are on our little cross country team, and you are a great runner. (Faster than Kacy right now!) You have a tender heart. You have a wicked memory. Your speech is getting better all the time. I still crack up when you say "free" instead of "three" and "fought" instead of "thought." You pay attention when I don't think you do. You want to help Dad with the house, and just hang out with him. You insist that will be a train driver when you grow up. You are so stubborn, you probably will!
I love ya Will! Happy 6th Birthday, buddy. 

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