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Monday, August 30, 2010

Rafting with River's End

Earlier this month I was invited to go on a rafting trip with some of the East Bakersfield Walkie-Talkies. I am an affiliate member in the mountains, and when I walk, I talk to myself. Not quite the same...

We went with River's End Rafting Co. They are located in Bakersfield and have rights for the Kern in that area. It was a good trip! It was class two and three rapids. Turns out I really like the river, and rafting, and am dying to kayak. The whole time I was in the raft I was thinking that I needed to book a trip with a kayak. Anyway, here are the pictures from that trip, compliments of the rafting company.
Cousin David was our guide. That's me in front, on the passenger side. Watch David. He says he jumped out, but I think he fell out. 
Going along, having fun...
David is now behind his mom, Aunt Gaye...
Only Trisha realizes he's overboard.
There he is! 
This is where I see we are headed for a low tree and start telling the ladies in the back to duck.
We made it through the bushes unharmed!

Some highlights:
~Going through a swim rapid! We got out of the raft and floated through a small rapid. 
~Jumping off a platform. My decision was made pretty quickly, as I'm determined not to a wimp about being scared of heights. I thought the platform in the tree was ten feet in the air, but maybe more like eight? Not as high as the other one, but for a trade-off, you had to walk out on a limb. Literally. 
~Getting to know some ladies better! We had a lot of laughs (all at ourselves!) and it was fun.
~Out good guide. I'm biased because we are related, but he was good! 

This is the type of run that I would like to take Kacy on next season. Pretty mild, it can be done in a couple of hours. I'd like to see my mom and Aunt Kristin on a raft, and will get them on one soon! So watch out girls in my family... you will be going!

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