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Friday, May 14, 2010

Spring seems to be here to stay! Spring in these parts means:

*ladybugs are EVERYWHERE. Including my trailer, where Ed insists they come in so they won't be lonely. He is rarely without a ladybug if he's been outside.

*it's cow season. That means we have to watch out for the cows and calfs all over the place, especially while driving.

*the snakes are coming out in full force. Once it get's hotter, they'll hide in the shade. Since a mouse moved in last night, I'm trying to convince myself that the snakes are indeed my friends.

*the wildflowers are almost all gone! There are a few splotches of poppies out here, almost a second season. Some of the flowers are long gone, and others are just coming out. Still so beautiful.

*our poplar babies are growing up, and it's time to plant 100 more.

*George, the Great Pyranees, is shedding. He sheds so much chunks of his undercoat float around. Ryan came home once and said that it looked like a rabbit got ran over by a lawn mower.

*the kids are forever dirty. They have such a good time in the fall and spring, when the weather is PERFECT for playing in the dirt, climbing on hay or the wood pile, or looking for ladybugs!

*it's the beginning of running season! Yay for a more in shape me!

*strawberries, soon to be followed by watermelons and corn and tomatoes... yum.

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