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Friday, August 6, 2010


Today went a little somthing like this:

*I ran/walked. I almost puked. It was that good. But not really, because I'm out of shape. Interval training will do that to you, I suppose. To my best estimations, I ran/walked 12 minute miles... only two of them. My goal is a 5K at a 10 minute mile pace. I've never been fast...

*We went to our favorite desert town because while in the big city of Bakersfield the other day, I spaced out the bank until it was closed. Went into a music store looking for a certain piano lesson series. Was treated rather rudely by the owner. I think I met a music snob. Won't be going there again.

*We went to the bank, and while getting my moola, watched Ed as he alternated between hiding from the camera, to trying to sneak up on the camera... and then watched as he started to throw a fit because that bank didn't have suckers. "We need to go to the other bank, Mom! I need a sucker!" Thus it begins.

*We go to WalMart for three things. Leave with four. (Hey, not too bad!) We check out the bikes while we are there. Kacy and Will both have their eyes on one. Apparently, Ed does too, and throws a for reals fit as we check out because I didn't buy him a bike. Being the ultra-compassionate and very sensitive mother I am, I take out my iPhone and record his behavior. He gets mad, and I inform him the reason I am recording him is so that Dad can see what a trip to WalMart can be like. Bystanders chuckle, which makes him furious, in a quiet way. Tantrum over. (By the way, Ed. You are four years old...stop acting like a two year old. Because I didn't buy you a bike? You don't even know how to ride one yet.)

*We went to the grocery store, where a girl about my age looks at my kids while we were getting peaches and says, "Cute kids." I say, "You want them?" She declines, saying she has two of her own. We talk about how some days seem to never end with little kids. I tell her of the quote I once read: "Long are the days, short are the years." We agree that some days, bed time doesn't come soon enough. Other days, we wake up and think, I can't believe my baby is ______! Where has the time gone?"

*I realized that I can 90% trust my kids to play outside unsupervised. Yipee!

*I put hydrocortisone cream on Ed's cactus owies. The cholla cactus are seeding right now. The bush spits out these seed pods, which are surrounded by ultra thin, inch and a half long needles. Somehow, one ended up on the left leg of his shorts, which then jammed into his right calf muscle. There were about 15 needles in his leg. He tried to brush them off, which put a few into his hand. We got them all out and took care of the wounds, but this morning they were a little welted.

*Ed puts on his new undies (boxer briefs). He shimmies around for a second and says, "I love these new undies. They are so comfortable!" Good to know. Will, on the other hand, refuses to wear them. He hates change, and apparently a change in underwear is just asking too much.

*Both Ed and Jessie asked for some of my broccoli. I was shocked.

*I realized that if my kids wanted to usurp my authority, they totally could. I fear the day they start collaborating.

*We ate ham sandwiches, chips, and pears for dinner. I'm on a cooking strike with this heat.

*I realized that at the end of the month is our FIVE YEAR anniversary since we moved into the trailer. I wonder how we will commemorate this "special" event?

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