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Saturday, May 29, 2010


*Will learned to ride a bike! I made him get on Kacy's, and he pretty much took right off. He has not been interested because he was afraid of falling (we don't do training wheels), and because her bike is pink with white wheels and says "Starburst," which is so UNCOOL for a five year old boy. Once he realized he could do it, he had the hugest grin on his face. Then he wanted to try "the hill." He cruised down the hill with his feet straight out to the side whoopin' and hollerin' the whole way down. He's hooked. Now, he wants a more manly bike. This is a dream come true- now Kacy and Will can ride bikes together around the property and go exploring!

*I made no-bake cookies and overdosed. Again.

*Today was the first day I didn't have a fever and feel like crud. I had two bright spots in my week: a three hour respite on Tuesday, and a 20 minute break on Wednesday or Thursday. Other than that, I've been pretty useless and brain dead. But today I made up for it- the house looks good, the laundry is all caught up...

*Ryan got the kids' closets all framed up. We decided not to put closet doors on them in favor of mounting a full length mirror in the room instead. All the closets will have organizers and drawers. By not having doors, I think we'll eliminate two things: fighting over who gets to get their clothes first, also known as access issues. Also, a lazy person won't put his shoes away if a door is blocking the way. This way, there will be one less obstacle to cleanliness. (I may be only dreaming.) It also gives Kacy a place to hang her groovy beads that she wants.

*The kids played with Play-doh for over an hour without fighting. I won't mention what happened at one hour and ten minutes... but it involved putting all the supplies away and saving it again for another day.

*For lunch we had a steak and bleu cheese with roasted asparagus salad. It was AWESOME!

*Ryan is working all weekend because of the holiday. He's had one Memorial Day off since we've been married, and it was four years ago when Ed was born!

*The weather today was PERFECT!!!!!!!

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