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Friday, August 27, 2010

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY

Yup. We are having a "half of the family" birthday gathering at Aunt Gaye's house, where it is Will's tradition to have his birthday party over there. When Gaye asked him what he wanted to eat for dinner, he said "Tuna sandwiches, watermelon, and mashed potatoes." Seriously. So, we will have a sandwich bar, watermelon, and chips. He's happy with that.

But the really big day tomorrow is our FIVE YEAR mark for living in a 320 square foot RV. I'm tempted to do a little video tour of the ol' abode because I get the "I don't know HOW you do it." So, if I feel like tidying up enough for "visitors," I'm gonna do it. It won't take long... And maybe I'll do a tour of the house under construction! A compare and contrast, if you will.

My feelings on the subject: It's a shoulder shrug and a Jr high "I don't know" hum. You know, when you ask a middle school kid what they think and they say "Mmm-mm-mmm" with sometimes an eye roll... yup that. Am I ready for a real house? Of course. But I don't have one yet, so why dwell, right? Am I frustrated with the overly cramped living conditions? Not this week, baby. School started again, and that mean two less kids in the house for 9 hours a day. I miss them, but honestly they are the noisy ones and they take up space. So the stress has eased up a little. Really, really want a kitchen. The weather is cooling off, so I'll be able and willing to use the stove again. Laundry would be nice. It takes longer to use a clothes line, and sometimes I don't have that time. A dishwasher would be convenient. So would hot water on demand. In an RV you have to turn on the hot water at least 20 minutes before you need it. Hasn't been great with babies... but I did it. My "baby" is two and a half year old next week!  Speaking of which, I'm glad the kids are destroying the trailer and not my house. You know how little kids can be... crayons, markers, scissors... I have a three foot "water line" of dirt and smudges from hands.

I can see my house, and I can envision the final product. But sometimes I cannot imagine myself in it. Like, what's it like to be able to sit down at a desk to pay bills? Walk from the laundry room and into my closet to hang up clothes? To have book shelves for all the books? Desks for the kids to sit at? A dining room table? Counter space to prepare food with, and a dishwasher to wash dishes with? Ah... all those little luxuries that I had at our old house... but didn't really appreciate. My laundry was in the garage. BUT I HAD IT. I loved my dishwasher. LOVED it. I didn't have a great kitchen, being it was galley style with a tiny pantry, but it's about 10 times the size I have now. We had bedrooms. Two bathrooms. Company over. It was great.

But this is great, too. I've learned that I could live in a 1000 square foot house for A LOT of years and would be totally happy. I've learned that stuff is nice, but you can do without. I've learned that being patient can be hard, but a great mental attitude and knowing what is truly, truly important will keep your marriage afloat (and happy!). I've learned a long term perspective is key. Short term goals are vital, but "eyes on the prize" is essential. My prize is when I'm dead, and looking down at my funeral and listening to my eulogy, that I made a difference in my family's life. My prize is that I will be remembered for being a good example of kindness, service, common sense, and love, with a dash of sass. I just can't help the snarky attitude I get. My mom says I'm like my Aunt Kristin. So, I'm going to just go ahead and not take responsibility for myself and blame heredity! YES!!!

So, IF I decide to tidy up for company, AND comb my hair, I will attempt a video tour. I wonder if I still have video editing capabilities on this laptop?

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