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Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Day Trip!

Saturday the kids and I picked up Amy and headed over to the coast for a day trip to visit our friend Kibbe. Kibbe has been really busy this last year getting a Master's degree and working. Crazy! It was good to catch up. Amy took us to the tide pools near/in Montana de Oro State Park. I couldn't find my way there again without her, so no details on where it is exactly. It's not marked. You just have to know where it is. (And, I do not.)
Amy took this picture, with the aid of a self timer and a rock. In all of the pictures we took at the tide pools, the horizon is totally crooked. But the ground is not! It's because of the slant of the rocks. There was some very interesting geology stuff going on. I can't believe all the kids are looking in the right direction.
My kids like hiking (or, at least they are used to walking around a lot), and they were troopers once again. We only had a small problem at the very end when the boys took off to the car without us. Before we even started the hike we had a talk in the car about how Amy is our tour guide leader, and it's important to stay behind her, and even more important not to run because if you run you will fall down and bleed from your face. I have found that if you say, "You might get hurt." the boys think along the lines of "Well, I've been hurt before and it's not so bad..." . But if you say something like, "You will bleed from your face." it's much more graphic and understandable for them. With the exception of a small scrape for Ed and a sting for Zack, we were all safe.
After the hike, we went to a really awesome park. SO AWESOME. A three story play structure and this teeter-totter thing. The park is in Morro Bay, and I could get there if I needed to, but can't tell ya how to get there myself. The toys were in this dish, and we could park our booties and sodas on a hill that overlooked the whole thing and chat while the kids played. It was clean! The kids had a blast! And we had a good time visiting.
The day included a LONG drive, a picnic lunch in Kibbe's very child friendly, nicely done backyard, the tide pools, the park, and dinner at In-n-Out where Will pounded two cheeseburgers like a man. Very impressive.
All in all, a great day.

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