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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fun in a Basket: Cooking Around a Campfire

A weekend or so ago, my parents and sisters and their families came camping in our area. The kids and I went to visit them on the Friday night, and we just hung out. The kids were thrilled there was a fire, and my offspring wanted to know where the marshmallows were. They have some very specific ideas pertaining to camping, and marshmallows and fires go hand in hand. I told the kids we could go pack to that camping spot and have a fire and s'mores. They were so excited. I was a little nervous because there isn't a bathroom around for miles. (Or a tree or bush...) Then I slapped my forehead and chided myself for being an idiot... we have a fire ring at home. And a bathroom. Seriously, a major lapse in common sense on my part. (Still shaking my head...)
In the basket: 
  • One box Capri Suns
  • Bottle of ketchup and mustard
  • Two packages hot dogs and buns
  • Chocolate
  • Marshmallows
  • Grahams
  • Hangers
  • Fire Starter Log
  • Handy Dandy Clicker (The fancier-than-a-match lighter thing)
  • Scissors to cut open packages
  • Wipes
  • Phone (So I wouldn't have to run back to the trailer to answer it should someone decide to call.)
 The kids helped me make a log cabin to start the fire. They were more than ready to add the kindling. In fact, they started dismantling a bale of straw for the occasion and had a five gallon bucket almost full.
Not wanting to wait for coals, we got the hangers ready and put the hot dogs on. Hangers are *okay* in a pinch. We will be doing this kind of thing a lot, so I'm going to go get some good roasting sticks. Ones that don't sag under the weight of food. The hot dogs were gross. Slightly warmed up (possibly just by the setting sun...) and burnt to a crisp on one end. The kids still thought it was fun, although no one wanted seconds.
S'mores! The kids enjoyed the marshmallows the best. Turns out though that none of them really like s'mores. They all ate one, but then requested "just a marshmallow" or "a plain cracker." I, on the other hand, ate a ton.
(It could have possibly been the dirt that was on their hands that tainted such goodness. My wipees were insufficient. A fire hose would've been more appropriate, I think.)

We will definitely be having more campfires in the near future. It is an easy, fun, and cheap thing to do with the kids.

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  1. I'm with the kids. I like just the cracker and or marshmallow sans chocolate. Sounds like fun though.