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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It Was a Busy Week

I didn't blog last week, and my grandma was wondering if I was still alive. I was busy last week, but can't really remember what I did. I didn't use my camera at all... and I need to. Honestly, what did I do last week?

Monday- I don't recall.
Tuesday- Playgroup at the park with Ed and Jessie.
Wednesday- Now, this I remember. I went down the part of the Kern River called the "Lickety." I went with Sierra H. and the two of us rode down the river on an inflatable thing that you lay on, on your belly, while being towed behind a boat. I had a good time hanging out with Sierra, but I'm not sure I would do that trip again at this time of the year. The water was fairly low, and hence, very rocky. So, each time we flipped, it was...interesting. A guy in front of us in a kayak watched us go down the first rapid, head first, and flip. When we got out of it and got ourselves settled (after a very ungraceful and bruising experience on my part), he said, "You guys are going down on that? You're crazy!" The scariest part was when I though I saw a hand in the water. With tan fingers sticking up. Without being overly dramatic, I was completely freaked out for about 5 seconds. Thought I was going to DIE because I saw a dead hand. Turned out to be a stick. With finger-sized twigs sticking up.
The difference between rafting and "tubing"= when you find yourself in the water, doing your best to go feet first and keep your bootie off the rocks (nothing like a good bump on the rump to make you forget how you ended up in the water to begin with), you will be rescued. With rafting, you can have complete faith that they will get you and get you back in the boat. With tubing, you are on your own. You can float feet first down the river, but if you don't do something to help yourself, you'll just be floating for days.
Thursday- Took Ed and Jessie swimming at the Kent's house. They have a diving board and slide, and Ed was loving it! He likes to jump into the water, and can almost 100% get himself out of the deep end and to the side of the pool. Thursday night was also "Back to School Night." I love our little school. I wish they had a music program, but I aim to help fix that somehow. On a side note, I am running for a position on the school board.
Friday- I realized it was the first of the month and we got paid, so I headed on over to the bank and Walmart. In our favorite desert town. If my favorite desert town (which is closer to us than Bakersfield is) had a Kohl's and a Costco, I'd be all set! NEVER go to Bako again, except to visit the fam, of course. But all shopping would be in the desert. Maybe someday.
Saturday- I don't recall much, except that we went to the library. I reserved "Mockingjay" (I plan to buy the whole set when I have a house) and I'm number 301. I also put in my request with Kelly Kent, as I might be number 27 on her list. Either way, I'm biding my time until I can finish up the series. In the meantime, I read Kate Morton's first novel, "The House at Riverton," have Suzanne Collins "Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane" sitting on my shelf (she wrote the Hunger Games Series, so I checked out her youth stuff), as well as "Storey's Guide to Raising Dairy Goats" and "Cheesemaking" by Rita Ash. Mmmm... goat cheese.
Sunday- We went to church, and then to the Bunting's house for Spencer's birthday party.
Monday- We went to the Sorensen's for a Labor Day/September birthday party. We swam, we ate, and we visited with long-lost family members (who, by the way, not only have cute boys, but also very NICE boys. I love it when I see teenagers and preteens being kind to little kids. They weren't too cool to hang out with the little ones! I always hope my kids are like that when they get older.) One of the older boys, who is 16, climbed up on the waterfall and did a back-flip thingie into the pool. Ed, who was standing opposite on the edge of the spa ready to jump, watched with wide-eyes. He immediately starts turning around and says, "That was so COOL! I'm gonna do that, too!" I stopped him. That boy is fearless.
Today- I read a book, watched Ryan install all the propane pipe in the house (DONE!), did some laundry, and all the rest of the day to day mundane tasks that can keep you busy. Jocelyn had her number five child today, Clara! She was early, and the first girl after a four boy streak, so all in all, exciting for their family!

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