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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Using A Clothesline

I use a clothesline. It saves us tons in the propane use department. 
(Our dryer is broken, which is WHY it saves us tons of propane.)
With our sunny days and slight breezes (and sometimes horrible wind!), a clothesline is a no-brainer.

I'm a little tired of it, truth be told. It takes longer than throwing clothes in the dryer. The lint stays on the clothes. There are clothespin marks in the clothes. Denim and towels are unforgettably stiff.
But mostly I don't care for how the sun eats up our socks. The elastic just breaks down, and everyone's socks end up around their ankles. It takes about a month for a brand new sock to start to lose it's elasticity. Two weeks later and you need garters.

So glad I live in a time where garters are NOT necessary. How ridiculous would garters look with my cargo shorts and running shoes?

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