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Friday, October 29, 2010

House Update

I need to take some pics of the house. And I will. AND... I'll share.

We are super busy, as Ryan has started a long stretch of days off, and we are both feeling the urgency to get this thing DONE.

Soon. Pictures soon. And maybe a house soon. Coming up are inside decisions... the ones we'll look at everyday. Framing and wiring... and all those covered up decisions like which type of insulation to use... how to make our house energy efficient... none of that is "seeable." Important, but not really photographically exciting.

On a bad note, Ed spray painted the ONE door we already installed. Bright orange. Just a spot on the jamb and adjacent pre-finished stained door frame. I cried. But only for a minute. It's just a house. (It's just a house... It's just a house...)

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