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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kacy's Glasses

Kacy got her glasses! In a Kindergarten screening she came home with a sheet that said the was 20/40 in her left eye. I finally made an appointment at the eye doctor, and sure enough, the girl needs specs. Something about being farsighted and an over correcting thing. She loves wearing them, and was amazed how everything seemed "brighter" (in her words). They are transition lenses (sunglasses in the sun), and she loves that, but I don't. She just looks too young for sunglasses. But, since she has to wear them all the time, we tried them out.
For the record, her prescription card reads: Distance: Spherical OD +1.50 Cylindrical DS, and Spherical OS +1.75 Cylindrical DS.  I have no idea what those things mean, but I have a card with that info so I can look up some cheap glasses online for back-ups.
Also, Kacy got an award at the awards assembly for having 100% on all of her spelling tests and then another award for "Outstanding Academics."  I love that she loves school.


  1. She looks really grown up with glasses. 39dollarglasses.com is a TERRIFIC site for cheap, well made glasses.

  2. Thanks for the heads up on the site Carla! Can't wait to see pics of your Lexi soon!

  3. Cute glasses Kacie! Where did you find them? Do they make them in my size? I need new ones. I hate picking out glasses. :(