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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parent Teacher Conferences, Halloween Costumes, and a Father-Daughter Conversation

*Yesterday was parent-teacher conferences. Good news all around, although Will's teacher and I are still trying to figure Will out. He's on grade level and doing well, but he's got some "quirks", among them lack of organizational skills and focus. He is better behaved in school this year. I attribute that to two things: he has grown up some, and he interacts better with his teacher this year. Kacy's teacher wishes he had more students like her. But, what can you expect from such a serious girl who wants to be a teacher when she grows up. My favorite comment from her teacher, Mr. D., was that he enjoys her "dry sense of humor."

My least favorite thing: finding out the the middle school no longer has any electives because they are a low performing school. I don't know if the district decided that course of action or the state made them do it, but it's wrong. So, so wrong on so many levels. I'm not happy about it.

*We have our Halloween costumes all figured out and almost complete. At 4-H on Tuesday night we got to wear our costumes. Will won an award for the "scariest." Good thing, because after Ryan got done painting his face, Will looked in the mirror and scared himself. Seriously, a pee in your pants parent moment when your son looks in the mirror and goes, "Ahh!" and then turns and says, "Not that scary Dad!. Not like that!"

*Last night Ryan missed the turn for Taco Bell. From the backseat we hear Jessie: "Why is dad going this way? This is the wrong way. DAD! Why you going this way? Taco Bell is THAT way!"
Ryan: "You talk a lot, little girl."
Jessie: "Well, I'm talking about Taco Bell, Dad. Ya, right there. That's what I'm talkin' about. There ya go."

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