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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Recap

Wednesday: Will had pink-eye. (Fever Monday night, fine Tuesday, stink-eye Wed. It's a pattern!)
Friday: Jessie throws up three times first thing in the morning. That canceled my planned Halloween supply gathering trip to Bako. Good thing, because the school called about 11am saying Will had an accident "out the back end." I take him some clothes to change into to find that the "accident" was actually horrible sickness. He said he asked if he could use the bathroom but was told no. (I have been on both sides of the teacher/student bathroom thing. I know. I came to the conclusion that you always let a kid go, but give them a detention or something to discourage those kids who would abuse...) I pulled up, and he was sitting outside the office with his back pack, and as soon as he saw me he just started sobbing. I cried for him behind my sunglasses. How humiliating for him. I put some plastic on the back seat and we drove home with the windows rolled down. His issue wasn't much of an issue once we got home and he could use the bathroom when he needed to. Friday night Ed laid down on the bed while we were watching a movie. I asked him what he was doing, and he was "just relaxin'!" Ed never "just relaxes" so I grabbed the thermometer. He had a fever of 102.
Saturday: Every one woke up fine! No fevers, no illnesses. We went to Bako to get the Halloween costume stuff. we ended up eating dinner with my fam for Karen's birthday.
Sunday: We get up and go to church. I notice Ed's eye is looking a little "pinkish." I ask Marcie her opinion and she agrees, but says he should be fine for the rest of church. ;) Jessie's eyes start looking that way too, after we all took a nap.
Monday: It's only been Monday for me for about two hours (since I woke up). Eyes were a little crusty and it's cold. I have no socks to speak of. I have no idea where they are. I need to wash bedding to help kill the stink-eye germs, but as it's supposed to rain today, I can't use my clothesline. My other option is the laundromat. I really didn't want to drive 100 miles today to do laundry, but I think I'll have to.

Side note: I drive a Mazda 5. I used to drive a 12 passenger lifted Ford E-series. The van LOOKS much more stylish, and has some features that are better for where I live. However, I have 80,000 miles on my almost two and a half year old car. We figured the gas money, and I've already saved enough in gas money to pay for the car. Looks like it's a keeper... even if I have to get tires all the time AND it's small AND it's not a truck AND it's not four wheel drive. (I still need one of those... a 4x4 pick-up, diesel, with a flatbed. I'll get one when the house is done and I start my farm. Can't put my dog or a bunch of feed in the Mazda.)

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