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Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Beast

Meet "The Beast."

A 1975 Ford 4x4. It's Ryan's new daily driver to save wear and tear on his red truck.

One day, about Thursday September 30, 2010, we decide we need to go to The Home Depot. We take the beast and go over a certain mountain pass that separates our house from our favorite desert city. Miles wise, it's much shorter. Time wise, it's MUCH longer. But really fun!

We saw rare sites! Like a golden eagle flying right over the hood of the truck with a bunny in it's clutches. A bird's eye view of our little valley. The place where the Pacific Crest Trail crosses near our house and someone fills up gallon containers of water and leaves them by the trail with candy bars for the hikers.

We found out that the truck only has a 12 gallon tank. 

We did run out of gas, but it wasn't horrible. We were in town, and the truck was making a funny kind of noise. Ryan wasn't sure what is was, so he dropped us off at the Pizza Hut and headed for the gas station. He ran out of gas. The kids and I ate lunch while he called his friend who brought him gas. Because the truck was still new to us, and was still making an unidentified weird noise, we opted to rent a car for the long cell phone free ride home. We left the truck in the Home Depot parking lot, and drove home in a brand new Expedition.

When we went back the next day to get the truck (on the back of our trailer), Ryan got two offers to sell the truck in less than 15 minutes. Sweet! It's not for sale though. It's fun! The kids LOVE it when Ryan spins donuts and takes them 4x4ing. Plus, he has plans for it. 

He found the funny noise and it was no big deal. Whew! We like easy, minor fixes!

And although the Expedition was really nice, and we had more room, I still want my own truck. Flatbed. Gotta load stuff and I want my future mean dog on the back.

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