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Monday, November 29, 2010

Ed Went Missing

This boy nearly gave me a heart attack this Saturday. While I was paying the check out lady for our donuts, Ed decided to leave the building. So grateful for a small town where I knew someone behind me in line who sat with the kids while I hunted for Ed (Terri B), and when I still couldn't find him, called her husband who is a retired CHP sargeant and who was in the parking... who in turn called Ryan's sargeant... and I couldn't get a hold of Ryan... and I called Marcie in tears saying I lost Ed and I'm at Vons and she replies "I'm on my way."...and she showed up in her jammies with her hubby right behind her in his truck starting at a different end of the road... and she called Michelle who was down the road the OTHER way to watch for Ed... and then Lindsey found him in the parking lot and tried to call me to let me know but I didn't answer my phone because I was spastic and thought "I don't have time to talk right now"... and Krissy who showed up and came into Vons to let me know where he was. I did ask the Salvation Army bell ringer if he saw a small boy wearing a navy blue sweatshirt, wranglers, and cowboy boots walk by and he said no. Anyway, it was the longest 20 minutes, since I don't count the first 5 minutes when I thought he was just around the corner like usual. After we were "reunited" I didn't want to talk to him until my nerves came back into order... on a freezing cold morning I was sweating and my heart hurt. 
Ryans's mom once couldn't find him for several hours when he was about 8 or 9 because dates got mixed up and his aunt picked him up on the wrong day, and this was before cell phones. A simple miscommunication that was really traumatic. I told Cherie last night I would have needed a tranquilizer if that were me.
I still haven't had to call search and rescue... but I'm waiting.


  1. Oh Karrie!!!! How awful!!! I would have been a wreck too. Dang kids!! I'm praying mine never do that but I'm pretty sure it will happen.

  2. I was stressed just reading that! Glad you found him.

  3. I heard a country song the other day, something about true friends dropping everything to get there when you call. Made me think of Marcie in her pjs heading for Vons. It's amazing how many people have had things like that happen. Of course we only share once it happens to someone else. I am glad you all survived the experience.

  4. I lost Julia at Avila Beach this last summer. Luckily it was at a Multi-stake event and there was a bull horn to gather everyone together in a search party. I was pretty much paralyzed, checking the water for her bobbing head, crying and not knowing which way to head down the beach. Cliff and my friends jumped into action. I totally understand your heart hurting. She was about 1/2 mile down the beach playing with other children. The other time I lost her was in Macy's. Not nearly as traumatic as the beach day. I'm so glad you had so many people to help out that day. I too would have needed a tranquilizer if she had been missing for hours.

  5. Don't know why I didn't hear about this!!! I love Ed, good ole ED! You know he's the one that gives you gray hair but the therapist with one of the biggest hearts in the world. Maybe he was just looking for someone who needed his help!

  6. Jen, that's awful. Stressed me out just reading that.