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Friday, November 19, 2010

*friday photo fun*

...with NO PHOTO. What's this world coming to?

I didn't use my camera this week. At all. I have been REALLY busy this week. You know, I really like the slow life. I like to accomplish things, but I hate being so busy that my nerves get shortened even more than my spastic self already is. Luckily, I had a successful shopping trip to Kohl's with my grandma (who pushed Ed around in the stroller shopping cart while he popped some bubble wrap he found on the floor). She bought us lunch afterward. I love my grandma. So calm and sensible. You just have to give props to a woman who is 87 years old and been through a lot. Her favorite saying, "This too shall pass." She knows it!

Anyway, the trip was successful because I was able to get clothes for our upcoming family pictures. And, find Jessie some winter cloths without spending a fortune.

Right now I'm listening to Christmas music and I don't care who knows it! ;) Ryan's dad has a tradition of playing his collection of a bazillion Christmas songs on the stereo where everyone can hear it in the background, and I'm going to be a copycat. Which reminds me... I need to talk to Ryan about the possibility of putting speakers throughout the house? Do I want to inflict my music on everyone else? (Or, have the kids in the future inflict theirs on me?) A thought.

Listening to Christmas music always makes me wish I played the piano better and could sing well. I can sing... sort of. But not high notes, and not in front of adults other than my good friends in primary. No one would want to hear me though. I'm totally cool with that. I have a choir voice, not a solo voice. Maybe when I get my piano out of storage and tuned up, I'll practice. I'll just have to make sure no one is home.

Tonight is our ward Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm totally experimenting with a dessert. In theory, the BBQ apple sweet bread should be good. If not, Vons is always open, and I'll use the "I don't bake because I live in a trailer" card. Is BBQing dessert considered baking? I think it might be.

Kids progress reports: Will is excelling, quirks and all. Kacy still needs to memorize her math facts. For the record, Ryan and I never memorized our math facts up to 20 either. I'll have her make flashcards, and if that doesn't work, we'll blame it on genetics. Easy!

Enough rambling. Oh wait- a bloggy thing: on Facebook (or here) please tell me one or two songs or albums of Christmas Music you think is awesome. Thanks!


  1. I like the older, more traditional Christmas music. Like the Reader's Digest compilation cassette tapes my mom would play when I was a kid (and I think she still plays them). I don't really have any of my own that I absolutely love, but I saw one at Costco called "Classic Christmas" that I think might hit the spot.
    On another note, we just went to Kohl's the other day and I LOVE their shopping carts. Kevin had a great time because he was able to look ahead at where we were going. I should go to Kohl's more often, just to get him out of the house!

  2. I think you should put speakers throughout the house. I really wished I had them today when I was painting. I like "Straight No Chaser". And I love classical Christmas-big choirs and strings kind of stuff.