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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm the One Causing Trouble

Today the kids and I went to the older kids Veteran's Day celebration at the school. Jessie sat on the bleachers with me in the gym and watched. Just like the other kids around us. Except for Ed. Who, at one point, was in a head lock. It started out as a hug, then a squeeze, and then, a head lock. (Maybe a choke hold...)
He kept struggling and struggling and wanting to RUN around a gym full of Veteran's and the entire school and lots of parents... not cool. I tried all my tricks: ignoring, bribing, threatening, poking, hugging... and not necessarily in that order.
At one point, I hissed, "Ed, will you just sit down?"
Ed loudly replies, "I would sit down but you are the one causing trouble!"


  1. Karrie, you gotta love that kid! The stories of Ed always have Leo and I laughing. Don't give-up, you are a good Mom :)

  2. I never laughed so hard in my life