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Monday, December 13, 2010

An Eventful Day for Ed at Church

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting, Ed leans over and says, "Mom, you are giving me a headache. I'm tired of you." 
"Whatever, Ed."
Then he hits his head on the bench in front of us and I think, "Ha! There's a real headache for ya!"
"Ouch. Now my head hurts for reals, and you are just giving me a head ache. I'm tired of this." He was pretty diplomatic of the whole thing, not really whining.
"Fine. Go sit with your dad, then." (Dad is in front...)
"No, I'm tired of him, too. I'm tired of every body in the whole world. Except for Marcie."
(except he pronounces it "Mah-cie.)
"Whatever, Ed. Sit and listen."
"I'm tired of you! I wanna sit with Mah-cie. I like Mah-cie."

She motions him over, and he proceeds to go sit with his woman. He snuggles up against her, sits on her lap, gives her lots of hugs... Marcie was good to let two of my kids sit with her family. And she likes Ed, and right now Ed needs all the adults he can get that like him, because he can be so wild and obnoxious sometimes. He particularly struggles at church. 

During Primary singing time, he kissed Lili on the cheek. She was not happy about it, poor girl. I called him to the back of the room and said, "Ed, you can't kiss girls like that. Girls don't like to be kissed." 
His reply: "How about moms? Do moms like kisses?" And with a big ol' grin he landed a big smooch on my cheek, turned, and went back to his seat.

Later, after church was over, he got mad that he didn't get a chance to get Jessie from the nursery. He stormed out the door. When I went to go get him, I found him with his pants around his ankles peeing in the bushes. Only a few had to witness this fine act of boyness, and Marcia K., who was in her car and had a front row seat, was red in the face from laughing so hard. 

The rest of the day was very boring for Ed. It's like he got it all out of his system in a short three hour span. Can't wait to see what next Sunday brings. He's having a substitute, and the last time he had a substitute, the poor teacher asked him  and the little boy in his class what they learned, and they replied, "Killing prophets!" (They didn't learn that, FYI.) He also sat on his teachers lap and played with his face for like 15 minutes.

I'm truly grateful for the adults that help me with (put up with) this crazy boy and his antics.


  1. That is so funny! I know you weren't thinking it at the time but you will look back on it and laugh...

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