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Friday, December 3, 2010

*friday photo fun*

The only picture I took this week? *ahem* TODAY. But only because I am trying to find a backdrop to take kid pictures. Preferably without driving too far. With a little interest. I met Will at the bus stop and made him stop at our well house. This is cute of Will, but I just don't like it. T-shirt aside, it looks so... plain? Boring? Zoom out and get the whole body? Sit him on a log in front of the wood? Find a new place? I will contemplate this tonight, and do whatever comes to mind TOMORROW because although I am procrastinating gift shopping this year, photos are not an option. I should have had them done last month already.

I got a flash for my camera! I have no idea how to use it! I'm so excited! I read the manual and know how to work the flash, but need to experiment and practice, practice, practice. My big hopes for a flash is better lit indoor holiday photos, and better lit outdoor "I missed the Golden hour" or "it's dappled sunlight" or "the sun is great back lighting but your face is in a shadow" kind of pics. All I can really say is WE SHALL SEE. Just another thing to learn, when I haven't even cracked the photography thing!

On the house front- Ryan is chiseling away at projects. Wiring is almost complete. Do I even need to say that we both need a house and can't wait for it to be finished. Pretty soon (right? RIGHT??) I should be able to take pictures of the fun stuff! Inside stuff. We just have to get through the mechanical inspection.

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