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Friday, December 10, 2010

*friday photo fun*

One of the shots I took last Saturday... right before all heck broke loose and they scattered in every direction.

Can you sense the impending doom? 

Doom might be a little too strong of a word. Mayhem would be better.

I couldn't. I was more focused on Will's "Captian Morgan Rum" pose. Ed's surprised look. Jessie being blurry. 

We are going back for more mayhem tomorrow. They LOVED this place, and since it's practically in our backyard, I have no problems going again. Except this time, the camera will be secondary. I won't care (too much) if they fall in the stream. And we'll go see what's over the top of the hill.


  1. A friend once told me she preferred pictures of her kids "being themselves" over posed shots. I remind myself of that every time I try to take pictures of my kids. I think your kids will look at those pictures someday and say, remember that spot, and how mom took us back so we could see what was over the hill? I love that you document so many little moments. It may be helping you stay sane now, but what you are building will be priceless to them someday!