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Monday, January 24, 2011

Just Stuff, Apparently

Last Tuesday, we played at the park before playgroup started. Jessie had to use the bathroom (only after she noticed it...) and I told her it was nasty and that she should try and wait until we went to playgroup. She persisted, so I relented. I took her in there, and as I lifted the lid, she looked in there and backed away with her hand out in the "No, stop" position saying, "I tan wait. I tan wait. Dat's gwoss." Apparently, the three fully grown men who needed to use the bathroom in the twenty minutes we were there was just too much for her to handle. (I tried to warn her...)

Friday Ryan and I spent the day working on the house. That means I swept and cleaned, and he did some technical stuff. Apparently, we will call for THE BIG INSPECTION next week.

Friday, Ed fell out of one of our outhouses. Ed's quote: "I was hiding fwum Jessie because we were playing hide and seek and I just fell out!" He got a nasty bump on his forehead, and a few other scrapes and bruises (our outhouses for the workers are elevated quite a bit). Ryan called it his "third eye." Apparently, I need to teach the boy better places to hide.

Saturday at the chili cook-off, Ed B.(not my Ed B.) asked me if I brought chili. I told him I couldn't this time because I had no food in my trailer and had spent the day in Bakersfield doing laundry and grocery shopping. (True fact.) A man that I didn't know, in a power chair, gave me twenty bucks. I tried to give it back to him saying that I couldn't take it, I don't need it, but he insisted. Ed B. later laughed and laughed at me. Apparently, the words "no food in my trailer" take on a whole new meaning to some folks in my neck of the woods.

Sunday during church, I noticed a stray hair from the hair cut I gave Ed. As I was trying to make it blend, he told me, "Don't touch my fird eye, Mom." If you saw me, you would then know that apparently I can't NOT laugh when I'm supposed to be reverent.

Jessie brought a satin purse with sequins on it to church. It was just her size, and in the shape of a bow. She carried it around for quite awhile, and when I ended up with it, I checked it's contents to see what the heck was in that thing. She had filled it full of rocks. Apparently, it's her "wock cowection."

Sunday, I found out the man who gave me twenty bucks at the chili cook-off knows Ryan. Not in a good way. Apparently, this man isn't too fond of law enforcement, or my husband.

And, apparently my kids are all deaf because half the time I feel like I'm talking to myself. And then, yelling for the fun of it, even though it's no fun.

And lastly, I stopped drinking diet sodas. Apparently I miss it just a little, because last night I dreamed I was drinking a Diet Pepsi, on the rocks, with a straw. I could taste it! So bubbly and refreshing... but I woke up scared that I actually had one. I'm determined to go a month without sodas. It's just a little thing on my way to my old fitness routines. Because apparently, I'm getting old and can't eat whatever I want to anymore. 


  1. you are hilarious! Life is never boring at your house/trailer!

  2. Love it! How's the running going? I thought of you tonight while I was scarfing down pizza and A&W on crushed ice.