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Friday, January 7, 2011

Report Cards (And other stuff)

For the record, Kacy's report card comments said, "Kacy continues to do outstanding work this quarter. She continues to do well in all areas. She still needs to work on addition and subtraction facts to 20. We will be concentrating on independent reading in class this quarter." She got a "3+" in all areas except math, where she got a "3." A three is grade level, and the + means "strength." (I can't wait for regular grades.)

Will's report card said, "Will's focus has improved. He is a good reader and super in math. Love his sense of humor and creativity." Will got a 3 in reading, spelling, and phonics. He got a 2 (Working toward grade level) in written language, and a 4 (Exceeds grade level) in math. He improved his "ability to stay on task," but is still struggling with "Demonstrates organizational skills." No surprise there- the boy wouldn't remember his head if it wasn't attached. We both struggle with Will's organizational skills.

Ed starts Kindergarten this fall. Can't WAIT to see what his comments are. He's probably going to be one of those kids who is super well behaved at school and saves all his energy for me. Actually, I think he could use the stimulation and will be just fine. *crossing fingers.*

What will I do with just a three year old at home? I've never experienced one kid before. When I had Kacy, Will was born 15 months later, so there was no "only child" thing. Plus, she was a baby, and that's really different than a sweet and sassy Jessie. I tell you what, there are a few shops in our favorite desert town that I'd like to visit to see what they have. This fall, baby!

A report on my New's Years Resolutions: It's been a whole week. A report would be lame. Except that I have eaten a thing from nature everyday! (Fruit or veggie in nature.) This is huge for me. I am ignoring my mail completely thus far, so to me, it counts as being organized in my mailbox. At least I know where it all is. I looked at a racing calendar just yesterday, and nothing struck me as interesting, so I'll wait a month or so and see if anything else pops up. As for staying sane, I'm still here! Contemplated joining a gym in Bakersfield (what, doesn't everyone drive 80 minutes one way to the gym?) and going once a week to help kick out the fitness boredom and maybe motivate myself to do better at home. But really, like a lot of other things in my life right now, IF I JUST HAD A HOUSE, it would be unnecessary, and fitness would be so much easier. A regular size fridge to hold more fresh food, room to cook said fresh food, and ROOM TO MOVE.

But I'm tired of the phrase, "When the house is done..." I utter it all too frequently. On the plus side... the positive side... um, ya, the house just needs to get finished already. This BPME (I think those are the initials) inspection is a huge one, lots of details. I hate details. I also hate the self check-out at Home Depot when you've got four kids running around and it's either that, or walk down to the only manned register that has a line a mile long. Give me options, people. I've spent tens of thousands of dollars at your place. Where is my princess crown? Anyone? Anyone???

Have a nice Friday! (Or, whatever day it is when you are reading this.) I know I will. The kids are off to school having a great time, Jessie is still sleeping, Ed is playing quietly on the floor, Ryan has the day off so he can focus on the house and see the kids later tonight, and the weather is rather warm at 39 degrees this morning, so if it warms up some more I might go for a walk/run. (I'm ignoring the fact I have a ton of laundry to do and the laundromats are so far away...)

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