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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"When is Your House Going To Be Done?"

Ah, my most favorite question in the whole wide world. 


While having a short Facebook conversation with a sister last night, (hadn't talk to her in almost a month- that's ridiculous), I started thinking about Spring Break, when it was, and what might be going on in our lives. I wrote that I see no reason we can't have drywall up by the end of February. That's almost a full 7 weeks away, and since we are hiring drywall people, it'll go fast. Spring break is near the end of April. I figure eight weeks after drywall is up, all the flooring, paint, and most of the window trim should be finished. Our door trim is different, and the time for that will be before drywall. Tiling the showers? I've recruited some professional help in the way of a friend to help me get started. 

Then, after I got done thinking all these time line thoughts, I began to be encouraged. It is VERY discouraging when people say, "Finish work takes FOREVER." Is that because most people try to do finish work themselves, and so they remember it? Or, is it because they move into the house (or already live in the house) and it's a huge pain in the patootie to live around even minor construction like flooring and baseboards? 

And, define FOREVER. Like, a year? Three months?

Because in my world, FOREVER is living in an RV with your kids and hubby for five and half years. (That's at the end of February.)

And, after it's all done, and we are moved in, and I have laundry and an oven, and ROOM TO MOVE AROUND, and I can start thinking about a garden, goats, and horses, this whole experience will seem like a drop in the bucket of life. 

So, when will the house be finished? You'll know when you are invited to our many housewarming parties we have planned. I can see no good reason why it can't be done by the end of May- just in time to move in during summer vacation and take the summer getting settled in.

(And from a blogging point of view, I'm anticipating the blogging to be scarce as my busyness goes up. But when I do blog, it should be fun house stuff. Wires are not fun house stuff. It looks like... wires. But the finish work? That will be interesting. I  know I like virtually snooping in other people's houses for ideas.)


  1. Did you put in central vac? If I could change one thing about my house (and will when we remodel the kitchen someday) I would add in one of those floor/kickboard vacuum thingies in my kitchen like hair salons have. House warming parties in the summer or fall would be awesome. Sometimes I miss the warm summer nights.

  2. Karrie, you're so awesome. Not everyone could do what you have done. And somehow you still have a smile on your face and look towards the positive. I want to come see your house when its done, whenever that may be.

  3. I like reading your blog because my family is going through a similar situation. We are currently living in a travel trailor (myself, my husband, and our 2 children) because the construction company he was working for lost all there contracts and he was without a job for almost 6 months. It's been almost 2 years now and we are very close to buying our first house!
    It's interesting to see other families who are dealing with some of the same issues we are. Thanks for sharing!