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Thursday, February 24, 2011

One hundred million dollars, and President Lincoln

Tonight was open house at the school.

You can learn a lot about your kids by their school work.

Kacy? Remembers everything and spits it right back at you.

Will? He's a little different than his sister. For example:

A fill in the blank counting story that probably should have read "One cold snowy morning, while on my way to school, I saw ________ beautiful snowflakes fall." There were 7 snowflakes on the page. The next page had _______icicles, and so on. Will fills in the blanks. "100,0001,50001 beautiful snowflakes fall. 50001 pretty icicles hanging, 10000 gray clouds drifting, 100 busy birds flying, 100 squirrels running, 1000000000000 happy children playing,(there were 5 on the page), 100 tall trees bending (with the 100 written really tall), 10000 snow shovels shoveling, 2 big plows plowing (there were actually 2 on the page- maybe he lost his "oomph"), and 1 snowman smiling." I was cracking up. Pinkies up, all- like on Austin Powers, "one hundred million dollars!"

Will also had a paper that said, "I hait girls! I lik grand hogs day!"

On Martin Luther King: "Dr. Martin Black people sat moov out ov white peoples way." His teacher wrote a comment: "Hmmm... not sure he understands."

And my favorite: a letter to Mr. Lincoln, 16th president of the United States.

Dear Mr. Lincoln,
 I'm sorry you got cild. (killed) and I heart you. (actual heart shape). and I want you to cume uliv (come alive) and I want you to be my srvint. (servant).
Yours truly,
Will B.

Oh boy. He has some focusing problems, and his teacher is pretty good about it. When I asked him what he was doing when he wasn't paying attention, he just said he was "thinking."  Oh boy.