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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jessie!

Happy Birthday to our Jessie!
She is now three years old, and wants to get her ears pierced. She says things like "They doose that." And, she's kind of sassy. She sticks out her hip when she talks to you, and she tells you exactly what she thinks. Her favorite gift of all was a tube of chapstick. "Now I have my own! Like dad doose, mom doose, and Kacy doose!" She offered to put some chapstick on her grandpa, and when he said okay, she said, "You can't have chapstick! You have no lips!" (Referring to his "mushmash."
Her favorite things are all things Dora, making dirt angels, juice, fruit snacks, hot dogs, and Sister Hinkey. (Sister Hinkey is her nursery teacher at church." 
With some birthday money she got from my grandma, she bought two Dora books and a pink toy cell phone.
She LOVES her snowman footed jammies and wants to wear them all day, everyday. 
Her best friends are her siblings. Her favorite color is pink. She wants to go to school. She loves her mom and dad. She is very talkative. She hates her hair done, and won't leave rubberbands or clippies in. 

Happy Birthday Jessie!

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