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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tons of FUN

First off, I am getting really, really bad at keeping up with my blog.

In that same vein, I want to record the following:

Will got a detention last month for flicking beans on the ceiling of the cafeteria with his spork. Did I say that already on here somewhere? I can't remember. But I want to remember this. He also has a problem with shoe tieing (is that a word?). He can tie shoes, he just chooses not to. Laces get ruined, shoes fall off... but on the plus side he surprised my friend Sierra with a bouquet of flower weeds after she and I finished running last Friday. He had a huge smile on his face, and all I could think was that we are in big trouble when he actually likes girls.

Don't be at all impressed with that reference to running. I stink at it. I don't even know if I like it anymore, and I'm having a heck of a time finding the time. The time changed, and the weather is getting warmer, so I may be able to do it third thing in the morning. You know, first get the kids off to school by 6:45 while the sun is still not visible and the coyotes are howling (they made me drive them to the bus stop this morning in fear of coyotes), and second is to throw some cocoa puffs at the other two and turn on a cartoon so I can run for thirty minutes. When the house gets done (and as my kids grow a little older and more self-sufficient), I'll have room to move inside. Then I may zumba and pilate and do parts of P90X my way to my thinner and more in shape self.

On that note, we celebrated last night at Pizza Hut and Home Depot. And instead of eating my share of a large pan pizza with sausage, bacon, and red onion, I ordered a small thin n' crispy veggie pizza. And it was tasty! And I didn't feel so gross and greasy.

Why the celebration? Because we have our house insulated! We passed the mechanical inspection, which means all that thinking and planning and hard work on Ryan's part is finally over. Right now he is in the showers putting in the shower pans. Mastic, morter, drain, and rubber membrane! After that is another inspection for the insulation and shower pans, and then our not so typical door framing/jambs need to be done. We got a drywall estimate yesterday, and they are ready to come up. After drywall... the house is practically done. And no, we are not moving in. We have a super duper nice (especially appreciated by me) washer and dryer hooked up out there, and that's a pain to have to move around for construction purposes. Imagine a bed and furniture in the way... Plus, the kitchen won't be done until last, so what's the point? The whole thing should be finished soon. And when I say "soon," know that we passed the 5 1/2 year point of living in a trailer, and we are coming up on the four year point of having pulled a permit. Some houses are thrown up in three months. I'm just hoping the finish work in complete in three months.

Where are the pictures? On my camera, where some day I will make the time to upload and format them for blogging. I planted 105 new trees this morning, am behind on the laundry, and am skipping playgroup today because I'm doing this little bit of record keeping, and I have a 4-H activity to prepare that I'm not ready for. I'll probably throw together a music thing with the bells and rhythm instruments I have, because I have that in a box, and because I'm lazy. The kids will love it, and if we play "corners" I'll be golden.

Other kid stuff:

Jessie got her ears pierced on Friday. She didn't even flinch: she did so great! She loves her earrings. They are little white daisies with pink centers.

The K teacher talked to Ed informally last week after school. She asked him if he was going to be the smart one in her class. He said "Yes." Without making eye contact. He has a problem with that. She asked him if he could count to 5. In my mind I was like, what the heck? Five? That's a little low, don't ya think? Ed counted to five for her. She asked him if he could count higher, like to 20. He did. After she left, I asked Ed why he didn't tell her he could count to 100. He said he didn't want to. I told him he should have told her, and he said he wanted to study first. He came home, got his binder, and studied his 100 chart. No joke- it was so weird. Ed, studying.
So the next day, I told him I would give him some jellybeans if when he saw her, he would tell her he could count to 100's, and then count to 100 by tens. So he did. After he got done, she asked him if he knew his ABC's, and in the very truest of Ed fashion, he stood in the middle of the office, in front of parents, the secretary, and the teacher, and sang out in a loud, clear voice his ABC's. He even embellished at the end with some fancy notes. It was awesome. He is so excited to go to school! Now, if we can just make it through the Kindergarten physical with the shots...

I found out Kacy is competitive: Last night she told me that a girl (B) in her class has the most AR points, like 8. When Kacy found out, she took more tests and now B has 9 and Kacy has 12. Kacy needs to be at the top of the class.

Will? He just needs to not get into trouble.

And Ed? If he stays on campus and doesn't go chase the cows or kiss the girls, we will be doing GREAT.

Did I mention we have insulation? And a great prospect for drywall? Ya, baby... I might actually, for reals have a real life house soon.

Which is great, because the hot water heater in the RV is trying to quit on me. That would be... just terrible. A solar water heater bag was a thought... but I don't want to go there.

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