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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter Sunday. Ryan spoke in church today, and I would like to say it was a great talk, but I can't, because I honestly didn't hear much of it. Stinkin' kids and their humming and talking and all. I'm sure it was good- he always gives a good talk. Any way, after church, the kids and I (because Ryan had to work) headed on down to Bako and to the in-laws! Cherie made up a treasure hunt for the kids, and then after that, an they hunted eggs in the front yard. They had a great time, and there was no shortage of sugar. Dinner was really yummy: ham and funeral potatoes. Love those potatoes! Peas, rolls, and of course, jello.

Jocelyn made the kids some stuff to wear: the girls got dresses and the boys got to pick either a tie or bow tie. She's a whiz with the sewing stuff! Can't wait to join her in the sewing ranks (after I re-teach myself. It's been ages.)

Don't be shocked: I really just did post a picture on my blog. It's been awhile, and I nearly forgot how. These kids are hilarious.
What's up with being 5 years old? (Ed is almost...) Seriously- check out Jared, too.

It's tough to get kids to stand still for one minute and look and smile all at the same time. But as frustrating as it can be ("Please just ONE decent picture for grandma!") it is equal parts hilarious.
Today in church, Ed asked me to marry him. As in, "Mom, will you marry me? Cuz I love you." I tried to tell him why I couldn't, and he just kept begging.

If you ask Will what he wants for his birthday, he'll say "All I want is $50.00 and a guitar." That's all.

Jessie asked me to cut her hair because she hates ponytails. I hate her hair all messy and in her face. She may get what she wants on this one.

Kacy brought approximately a dozen books to church today in her bag. They were Bible story books, and they weighed a ton! I'm glad she loves to read, but she honestly didn't take a single book out the entire time. They were "just in case." In case of what, you might ask? "In case I want to read." Duh, right?

I love my kids. Even when I was wondering just how bad it was that I considered bringing duct tape and rope to church, to tie them to a seat and keep them quiet. Not really! Sort of. I would never do it, but man, that sure seemed like a nice option today. That's just part of growing up I guess, for both the kids and the parents.