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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Girl's Camp 2011

This year, girl's camp was awesome! Some highlights:

  • No kids for a week. I love my kids, but I think we were in need of a break from each other with the stress that has been this summer. I am now enjoying my time with them after a few hideous days of what I like to call "detox." I can't wait to take the kids camping- now that they are a little older, it would be fun!
  • I got to go on the second year hike. It rekindled my love of hiking, something I haven't done in over a decade. We will have to fix that, and as I live so close to so many trails, it shouldn't be a problem!
  • We came home to a summer monsoon- thunder, lightening, flash floods, road closures... I need a 4x4 truck, stat.
  • S.H. v J.M. in a french toast eating competition. She won, 12-11.
  • I survived my responsibilities in the kitchen and more importantly the motivational devotional thingie I did. For an hour, times three. (I was thirsty the entire time and drank a lot of water.)
  • Lice. It was an epidemic of epic proportions. In 24 hours it went from a few girls having it to over 70% of the entire camp (leaders included). We brought the girls back from the hikes and they went straight to get their heads checked and then sent to the washing station. A sight I will never forget. They stopped counting how many people had nits...80 or so? Yours truly and Alexis V., who went on the hike with me and is very cool and has hair very much like mine, didn't get it. Whew! I came home and dyed my hair any way, because hair dye supposedly kills lice. It also killed my grays.
  • I got to hang out with G.G. and M.R., and that was fun because I hadn't seen them in awhile.
  • Cousin David. He's entertaining.
  • Ryan put a radio in the outhouse and when someone would go in there, he and David would talk to them. One of my favorites: "Hey David, someone just went in there, you might want to get out of that hole..." Only one person didn't see the humor, everyone else you could hear laughing from across the road.
  • I love Girl's Camp. The theme this year was great: Live Like you Believe, with bees everywhere. The sweatshirts were cute, too. I have two, because I get to keep Ryan's, and they are gray, so you will see me in those ALL WINTER LONG. You have been warned.


  1. Love the theme and sweatshirts. Do you still go to Big Meadow? Our stake has parted ways.

  2. So jelous you got to go to camp. :( I love girls camp. I love to camp period. Unfortunately JC hates it. :( So sad. Glad you had a nice time and escaped the lice.

  3. The radio in the outhouse is hilarious! Glad you didn't get lice either...yuck.